8 Free Best Photo Editing Apps To Make Your Photos Look Awesome

The Internet is full of images. Everyone is uploading photos of their vacation fun or the outing they had the last weekend. We do love it. Who doesn’t want to show off about what fun we had over the weekend!! Thanks to the evolution of the smartphone cameras, it’s getting easier to click selfies every day. But no one has the time to get on the computer and do the photo editing.

But no worries when we can do all the photo editing on our very own smartphone. We do always find ourselves searching the term  “photo editing apps apk download”. And when we search on the Play Store or the App Store the results we get are so overwhelming. You might get your head spinning to choose any one of these options. So here we have put a list of some photo editing apps for your smartphone to make your photos pop. Let’s get on with it then.

1. Snapseed

There can not be any better way to start this than talking about this amazing photo editing app for iPhone as well as Android by Google.The sophisticated and professional look of Snapseed does make it stand out in all the apps there are. With nearly 25 tools and filters, you can tweak your photos as you wish.  Snapseed has all the features one might need to give their pics a better look. With more than 10 million installs on the Play Store, you can really say its one the finest app you’ll ever use.



Android   iOS

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2. PicsArt

You have probably heard about this. Picsart is ruling the band of Android photo editing apps. It is also available on the App store. PicsArt is an all in one combo of photo editor, drawing tool and the collage maker. It has great filters which you can apply easily. You can add clip arts also. One oof the best feature is it has it’s own network where you can share your images and follow others too. The free photo editing app can work wonders for you. And did we forget to tell you that PicsArt has 300+ million downloads on the Play Store.!!



Android   iOS


3. Instagram

Editing your pics has never been this easy. Everyone knows what Instagram is. One of the best social media platform we have ever seen. It is the best way to keep up with your friends and family and watch what they are up to. But the best thing people tend to forget is how awesome photo editor Instagram is!! The wide range of filters can make your photos amazing in no time. The Instagram stories can be a great way to engage with your friends.


photo editing app instagramphoto editing app instagram


Android   iOS

4. Noah Camera

As they say, Selfies are not just selfies – they’re a form of self-expression! Noah camera is the app for you if you love taking selfies.This photo editing tool is from JP Brothers, the same guys who made the Candy Camera. who  It has real-time filters which allow you to apply them as you are taking a pic. The guys from Noah camera say they have 100+ filters and yes they do have them. And it has collage mode too. Noah allows you easy sharing and is compatible with facebook messenger. It also has instasize feature for Instagram to make it easy for you to share your pics on Instagram.


photo editing app noah camera photo editing app noah camera photo editing app noah camera


Android   iOS

This one is again for those who are selfie addicts. B612 makes editing your pics and making them pop out very easy. It lets you add animated stickers to your photos to make them more fun. And it has 200 of them.!! You can also chat with your friends through your pics and have fun. With nearly 100 million downloads just on the Play store, it is one of the most used android photo editors.


photo editing app b612 photo editing app b612 photo editing app b612


Android   iOS

5. AirBrush

AirBrush makes you look prettier just by some amazing tweaks you can do with it. With its easy to use interface anyone can use AirBrush easily. It has some fun features like blemish and pimple remover! And it can really come in handy sometimes.

photo editing apps b612  


Android   iOS


7. Pixlr

This top-notch editor by Autodesk Inc can really help you if you want to enhance your photos. Many people have been using Pixlr from a long time and they seem to stick with it because it’s easy to use. The one-touch enhance tools of Pixlr are the best you’ll ever see. It has filters which it calls as ‘overlays’ which make your photo editing easier.



Android   iOS
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8. Fotor

The last but not the least. A great photo editing tool which gives over 100 effects at your fingertips. The RGB curve feature it offers can help you edit images very efficiently. The focus feature Fotor offers can really come in handy to make you images look stand out.



Android   iOS

Now you can go and make your photos look more stunning and get those likes and comments you have been waiting for. And if there is any great photo editing tool that you use and we don’t know about it yet. Please feel free to tell us in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “8 Free Best Photo Editing Apps To Make Your Photos Look Awesome

  • December 25, 2016 at 10:17 PM

    You should have mentioned Prisma as well in this list. Prisma is probably the most talked about photo editor nowadays!

    • December 26, 2016 at 7:45 PM

      Yeah.. But we thought the Prisma was just a fad. Everyone was using it and the user numbers are now drastically down. And plus it does not give you many options to edit your pics.So..!!


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