The Ultimate Guide to Work More in Less time

Everyone wants to succeed. And that can only be done by working more and increasing the productivity. Here we are sharing a list of some really important tips and hacks to increase your productivity and that too in less time. By applying these tips in your day-to-day life you can work more in less time and you’ll know how to save time.

1.  Write to-do list with schedule

to-do lits

Everyone writes a to-do list. But most of us fail to complete all tasks. Only because we don’t schedule it. Scheduling is crucial as it gives you a visual idea of when you’ll complete the particular task.

2. Take breaks

Working hard is a good thing but you have to work smart too. Be it brain work or physical one. If you do it too much, you’re going to get exhausted. So taking breaks is also important.

3. Set small goals

Your big goals might seem impossible.  But small goals look realistic, attainable and easy to accomplish. A big goal into several small ones becomes easy to manage

4. Reward yourself

The reward is perhaps the best feeling in the world. You should reward yourself every once in a while. Whenever you get something done, reward yourself. It can be anything like taking a break to watch movie or night off from study.  When you know you’re going to get a gift, you put more efforts in whatever you’re doing

5. Disconnect

Turn off unnecessary notifications while working. This includes your E-mail and social networking sites.

6. Exercise in morning


Starting your day with exercise can make a big difference. Exercising energizes you even if you think it exhausts you. Studies have shown that it improves your mood for 12 hours. It regulates the blood flow and you won’t get tired .

7. Learn to say NO..!!

say no

It’ll save 30% your time. If it is something unnecessary and not worthy of your time, say NO!

8. Take initiative

Starting is the hardest part. Once you start, you want to get going.

9. Keep your desk clutter free.


Organized desk means less distraction and more concentration. You’ll always feel good while working from a clean desk.

10. Use the two-minute rule. Always.

The 2-minute rule says, ‘if something can be done in less than 2 minutes then do it immediately’. Consider changing it to 5 minutes as it becomes a habit. And if anyone asks you a tip on how to save time, this should be the first thing you’d love to tell them.

11. Get enough sleep.

No matter how hard you try, if you haven’t got enough sleep; your speed is going to come down drastically.

12. Stay positive

Positive attitude towards everything is work half done.

13. Smile.


This doesn’t need any explanation.

14. Drink more water.


Drinking water is often the thing we neglect most. Most of the people don’t drink as much water as they should. Drink more. Water keeps you hydrated and healthy and gives you energy.

15. Pareto’s Law

It’ll do great wonders for you. It’s one of the best things you should know if you want to know how to save time. Get to know more about it from here.

16. Tell your goals to others

You will feel more responsible for getting done with it. As you’ve told them to others, you also want to tell them you’re done with.

17. Use keyboard shortcuts and improve your writing speed on paper.
18. Do the hardest job first.

As told by Brain Tracy in his Book ‘Eat That Frog’, doing the hardest job first boosts your confidence. And this will eventually increase your productivity.

Pro Tip- Learn to Speed read.
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