10 Tips To Get You The Most Out Of Meditation And Find Inner Peace

With life going on in the fast lane, we get tired too easily. We often feel that the 24 hours we get are not enough for us for the work have we got to do. We feel stressed and exhausted. This directly affects our health, mind, and performance. That’s when meditation helps us to keep strong and our mind at peace. Meditation helps us understand our mind better and find that inner peace which is much-needed. The main motive is to overcome the negative thoughts. But we often find ourselves fighting with our brain to meditate and get more and more from it. We keep wondering and asking about how to get better at meditation.  Here you are going to get the 10 must try simple meditation tips that will help you meditate and get the most out of it. So let’s get started about how to meditate properly.

1. Let The Distractions Go

Meditation is all about find that peace in yourself. In this case, distractions can ruin everything that you want to achieve from it. Any sound and feeling that is not coming from the inside but from external noise are a distraction.  This can be your family or your roommates. The best way to stop them from distracting is to tell them. Show them how serious you are about meditating. The other thing is to put your phone on “Do On Disturb”. Find a place where you are less likely to be seen and you’ll reduce your chances of getting distracted. This simple meditation tip can help you improve your consciousness.


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2. Go Silent or Go Musical

There are various methods to isolate yourself from the surrounding. Listening to music can help you with that. Many people prefer listening to music while meditating. There is a good amount of meditation music available on the internet for free and paid too. But most people claim that being in silent surrounding has given them better outputs than meditation music. You can try both the approaches to find what is suitable for you. Go with that.



3. Morning Meditation

Meditating is morning can be very effective. When you just had a good amount sleep, your body is at rest when you wake up. So if you meditate in the morning, it energizes you. You should not be meditating when you are tired. Because if you are tired, you might just fall asleep. So, try meditating in morning and you might get fruitful results.


4. Meditate Everyday

If you are a beginner in this, you should definitely focus on this. Meditating once in a while won’t get you any benefits as fast as you want them. You might even not get any. The best way is to do it every day. You can try doing this first for less time and then go on increasing them. Even the 2 minutes of meditation every day will give you some promising results. Meditating every day will help you get better at meditation more smoothly than anything ever could.


5. The Posture

The posture in which you meditate can make a difference too. But it doesn’t matter if you just sit on a chair or on a mattress or on a cushion. You have to sit in a lotus position (padmasana) every time you meditate is a myth. But you do have to follow the basic rules of sitting. Your neck and shoulders should be relaxed and your spine should be erect.

6. Set Timer

Setting a timer for your meditation is also a good idea. Sometimes you might think you have done for long enough and open you eyes only to see that it’s just been a minute. And sometimes you may get lost in the time and keep on going for half hour. What you don’t want to do is to think about how much time it has been. So setting a timer would be a great meditation practice for you.


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7. Don’t Stop The Thoughts

If you find yourself in the midst of thoughts, don’t try to stop them. Trying to stop them would make anxious and you lose your focus. The best solution for this is to just let them come. All you have to do is not think about them too much while meditating. All you have to do is go with the flow.

8. Closing The Eyes

Yes, you do have to keep your eyes closed during meditation. But you shouldn’t do it forcefully. You should close them as the top and bottom lids of your eyes are just touching each other gently.


9. Smile

Keep a poker face during meditation is not a good idea. While half smiling is better. Meditation is all about finding peace and happiness. So if you keep a poker face then that is not going to help you. Whereas if you keep a gentle smile on your face then it might trigger your brain into happiness more quickly.


10. Opening The Eyes

How you open your eyes when you are done with your meditation is as mush important as how you keep them close. As said earlier, your eyes should be gently closed. Same is with the opening.When your timer goes off, don’t be in a hurry and open your eyes right away. Do it gradually. And as open them, be aware of yourself and the surroundings. Try to feel the surrounding.

We hope that these simple meditation tips will help you get the most out of meditation and find that inner peace you’ve been looking for. If you think there is anything we have missed, then feel free to share with us in the comments and we will share with others.

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