About Us

Heyy there..!! Welcome to EdgyList..!!

Getting bored..?? Nothing new happening on Facebook..?? Tired of watching social experiments and cat videos on YouTube..?? Then you’re exactly where you would love to be.

Let us give you a brief idea of who we are.

Here at EdgyList, we offer you list of everything that comes under everything. Yeah, EVERYTHING..!! We provide you a platform to spend some time and most importantly, gain new information on the go as well. Here you will find the best & worst as well as most & least of Sports, Technology, Politics, DIY, Life hacks and much more. Like we said, WE LIST EVERYTHING..!!

The most important and a very unique feature EdgyList has to feed your brain is our Ultimate Lists. You’re gonna love it..!! The Ultimate Lists are the unending lists which don’t have any specific number and we keep on updating those as we have something new to offer you.

Keep coming back..!!


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